Schedule of Tryouts

Are you registering for the U12 Mini-Camp on October 19th?

We are having a girls volleyball mini camp at Northwood Middle School on November 19th from 6:15-7:45. There is a $10 fee (cash or check). Registration REQUIRED via the link below. If you have questions please contact our club director at

If your daughter has already played club volleyball before she can still attend , but must have an active ERVA membership.  Instructions for findings membership below.  

All our teams are currently full, but we look forward to tryouts for the 2024/2025 season.

Please follow the 5 steps for registration below!

Are you Ready for Tryouts? Below is the list of steps to follow before tryouts.

1. ERVA Membership

You have to have an ERVA regular membership or a tryout membership to tryout

2. Medical Release

Please fill out the USAV medical release and bring a signed copy

3. $15

Tryouts are $15.  Please bring Cash or Check.  Credit cards are not accepted at this time.  

4. Register

Please register for the correct age level.  We have currently only have space for U12 Tournament players, but are looking for several practice players. 

5. Show Up!

Check out our tryout schedule. 


ERVA Membership- The first thing that needs to be done before tryouts is to purchase an Evergreen Region Volleyball Association (ERVA) membership and bringing proof of membership to tryouts.  There are 2 different types of memberships that can be purchased.  

  •  Tryout Membership-  The tryout membership allows you to participate in tryouts but is not sufficient for the entire season.  This is a good option if you have not played club before.  If your child makes one our our teams then ERVA pro-rates your full membership as long as you purchase this membership before hand.  
  • Full Membership-  You may also purchase a full membership (which is required for the club season).  It also allows you to participate in tryouts.
  • Did you play club volleyball last year?  If you are participating in early tryouts (July & August) and you played club last season you can use your ERVA membership from the previous club season.  

Proof of membership (Digital or Paper) must be given while checking in for tryouts.  

Additional information can be found on ERVA’s website here:  

Need to print your membership card or can’t remember if your child is already registered?  

If this is the first time you have used SportsEngine the process can be extremely confusing!  Please click on the link to see more detailed instructions.  


Medical Release Form- Each tryout participant needs to have a signed medical release form filled out and signed by a legal guardian.  Please down the the form in the link below.


Tryout Fee- To participate in tryouts there is a $20 tryout fee.  We only accept cash or checks at this time.  


Register- Each child needs to register for the tryout for the appropriate age group!

If you are unsure which age group your child qualifies for please check the following link.  The general rule is the “U” stands for under the age of the number listed by July 1st.


SHOW UP! We are so excited to meet you!  Bring your “A” game!  Check Below for a schedule of the tryouts for the 2023-2024 season-  Below you will find the schedule for each age group for tryouts and whether the team is accepting more players.  

  • U12- Team is currently full
  • U13/U14- Team is currently full
  • U14 Valley- Team is currently full
  • U15- Team is currently full.
  • U16- Team is currently full.

One of the major difficulties of running a club is finding qualified coaches.  If you are interested in coaching please contact us as soon as possible!  Benefits of being a coach include: club fee discounts if you have a child on the team, as well as free gear, and a small stipend.  Please call the club director if you are interested.  



Membership Instructions

This Process is very confusing.  We have taken the time to make a step by step tutorial on how to do this.  If you are still confused there is a YouTube video below that takes you step by step as well.     
  1. To purchase a membership you must first go to
  2.  At the top of the page there is a button labeled, “Memberships”.  Click on this link. 
  3. You can either login with your existing email or create a new account from if you can’t be found.
    • Parents must register for an account first with their information.  (you will add your child later)  
  4. You will receive a verification email.
  5. Click on the link and it should take you back to the ERVA website.
  6. It will show your name and below will be a link that says “My SportsEngine.”  Click on this link and that will take them to your profile.
  7. You will now click on “Memberships” again. 
  8. Please login using the information you previously input. 
  9. It will then ask you, “Who is the membership for?
    • It will list the parent name
    • Below the parent there will be a button that says, “Add a Child”.  Click on this button
  10.  Enter your child’s information
  11. It will ask you to confirm your info. 
  12. Next it will ask, “How will your child participate?  Please select, “Player” and hit “Next”
  13.  Next it will ask, “How long will your child be participating?”  You can either choose “Season” or “Tryout”
  14. Select, “ERVA Junior Membership” and hit next.
  15. It will ask for additional information
  16. Click agree or accept on a the next several agreements/waivers
  17. It will take you to “Review Membership”
  18. Click continue to pay for membership
  19. Pay for membership
  20. Please Print a copy of the membership card to give to check-in.
  21. Having Trouble finding where to print your membership card