Our Mission

Shaping these girls into great athletes and even better people!  Read More

Club Cost

We are a non-profit and try to keep our costs low to allow more athletes to participate.

Our Coaches

We have great coaching with ample experience!  

Entering our 12th year as a club, the Spokane Ignite Volleyball Club was started in 2013 with a goal to provide a high quality program at a reasonable cost to players and for families who prefer to play in tournaments on Friday’s and Saturdays, leaving Sunday’s available for family time.  We are committed to providing a positive environment where players improve their skill sets while having fun and building positive relationships with teammates.

Spokane Ignite Volleyball Club is committed to:

  • Helping players elevate their game to a higher level.
  • Encouraging players to take risks to learn and implement new skills.
  • Challenging players to work hard and excel on and off the court.
  • Providing players with a club experience that does not require Sunday play or practice

Changing young girls lives!

At Spokane Ignite, we believe in more than just volleyball. We strive to empower our girls both on and off the court, teaching them important life skills such as teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. Through our training programs and coaching staff, we instill a love for the game and a desire for personal growth in each of our athletes.

Spokane Ignite offers a variety of programs to accommodate different skill levels and goals. Our developmental programs focus on building a strong foundation of fundamental skills, while our competitive teams strive for excellence in regional and national competitions. Whatever your daughter’s goals may be, we have a program that will challenge and inspire her.

Join us at Spokane Ignite and become part of our volleyball family. We provide a supportive community where girls can grow both as athletes and individuals. Through the sport of volleyball, we aim to empower our girls, teaching them valuable life lessons and helping them become confident, strong, and resilient.

Keeping Cost Low!

Club Fees:  Our club tries to keep our costs to a minimum. We are consistently one of the most cost-effective Non-Profit clubs over the past 11 years in the Evergreen Region.

Club dues for the 2024-2025 Season:

  • U12- $1000- $1100
  • U13-U14- $1200-$1400
  • U15-U16- $1600-$1800

Costs vary depending on the individual team a child makes, how many tournaments each team plays in, tournament location, and practice costs, etc.  Costs are based on fees charged for gym space, club operating costs, tournaments fees,  uniform cost, etc.   Younger age groups will pay less than the older clubs.  Our more advanced teams will travel more and as such their costs will be higher.  


Club Fees Include:

  • Uniforms
  • Tournament Fees
  • Team Equipment
  • Practice Location (Gym Time)
  • Club Administration Fees
  • Travel costs for coaches (if necessary)

Club Fees do NOT Include:

  • Player travel expenses
  • Membership to ERVA ($65) , AAU ($20).  (some teams are required to have one membership and others are required to have memberships to both organizations)

Our Coaches

Nicole Hodl- Nicole played volleyball and in club and high school teams, where her exceptional skills and dedication earned her a spot on the Whitworth University Volleyball Team. During her four years at Whitworth, Nicole not only excelled on the court but also developed a deep understanding of teamwork, strategy, and leadership.


Graduating with a teaching degree, Nicole transitioned her passion for mentoring young minds into a successful career as an elementary school teacher. Her experience in education has honed her ability to communicate effectively, manage diverse groups, and inspire students to reach their full potential.


Last year, Nicole took on the role of coach for Spokane Ignite, marking her debut in coaching. She quickly proved herself to be an invaluable asset, instrumental in building a highly competitive team. Nicole’s coaching philosophy centers around fostering a positive and supportive environment while emphasizing skill development and strategic play. Her commitment to her players’ growth, both on and off the court, was evident as the team thrived under her guidance.

Matthew Raab- is the current director of Spokane Ignite and co-coach for the U15 team. Although Matt played collegiate football, his passion for coaching extends to a variety of sports, including basketball, football, and baseball, especially since becoming a father.


About 15 years ago, Matt discovered a love for volleyball, and he now plays competitively whenever he has the time.

For the past three years, Matt has been an integral part of the Spokane Ignite Volleyball Club, serving as both a coach and the director.


Matt firmly believes that the way you practice directly impacts the way you play. His philosophy emphasizes the importance of practicing hard to perform better in real-life scenarios. He also values having fun and finding humor in competition, understanding that playing loose is a crucial element of winning. Moreover, he recognizes that winning contributes significantly to the enjoyment of the game.

Anna Conner is the co-coach for the U15 team.  She coached for 7 years mostly in the Jr High level in Puyallup Washington.  She played volleyball for Puyallup High School and has continued to play and compete when she can.  Mother of 5 daughters, she is also a substitute teacher, XC, volleyball and track coach at Highland Middle school and is a marathon runner and triathlete.

Anna believes in the whole athlete.  When we are confident in ourselves and our teammates, we play so much better.  The phrase “Girls bond to battle” has helped lead her teams to victory as the girls play united.  These skills relate to all areas of life, believe in yourself and believe in others and you will succeed.  

Robin Haws- Robin brings over 20 years of volleyball coaching experience and an unparalleled passion for the sport. Growing up, she played volleyball in club, middle school, and high school, laying a strong foundation for her lifelong dedication to the game. She has coached club volleyball, middle school volleyball, and has served as the assistant head coach at Mt. Spokane High School for many years, where she was instrumental in developing an amazing program and mentoring young athletes. Now in her second year with Ignite, Robin continues to inspire and cultivate talent with her exceptional coaching skills and dedication to the game.

Carlee Howie- Carlee has a rich background in volleyball, having played the sport throughout her youth and collegiate years at Whitworth University from 1997 to 2000. Following her college career, she coached volleyball at Glen High School in San Jose, California, from 2001 to 2005. Until recently, Carlee has been focused on her family, taking a break from full-time coaching. However, over the years, she has continued to share her passion for the sport by coaching developmental volleyball.  Last season, Carlee contributed as an assistant coach for our U14 team. She has a deep passion for coaching and takes great pride in witnessing the improvement and growth of young athletes.

Maddie Baxter- Maddie began her volleyball journey in middle school, quickly developing a strong affinity for the game. Her dedication and skill earned her a spot on the varsity team as a freshman in high school. Initially playing as a middle blocker, Maddie worked diligently on her passing and eventually transitioned to the role of outside hitter. She continues to play competitively in various recreational tournaments, including indoor, grass, and sand volleyball.

Last season, Maddie contributed significantly as an assistant coach for our U14 team. Maddie’s commitment to the sport and her enthusiasm for fostering talent make her an invaluable asset to our coaching staff.

Tara Brown- Tara’s volleyball journey began in junior high and continued through high
school, where she played competitively for seven years, honing her skills and deepening her
passion for the sport.
From 2008 to 2010, transitioned into coaching as an assistant middle school volleyball coach in Bigfork, MT. During these two years, she discovered the profound joy of mentoring young athletes, helping them grow in the game, and leaving a lasting positive impact.

Tara’s love for volleyball is a hobby and a deeply integrated part of her professional life
within the Riverside School District. She enjoys taking some time to play and coach volleyball in
the high school physical education program twice weekly, among other duties as a contracted
staff member. This allows her to build positive relationships with students and promotes healthy
coping strategies through behavior activation. 

Tessa Olson- Tessa Olson loves volleyball, particularly the competition and camaraderie formed through hours of hard work together in the gym. As a player, she led her team to state championships in 2001 and 2003 and was named the 2004 Gatorade Player of the Year (MS). She played collegiately for Brigham Young University and continues to play competitively.

While Tessa has coached at various clinics and camps, this will be her first season coaching a club team. She brings her passion, experience, and dedication to the role, eager to inspire and develop the next generation of volleyball players.

Tristan Daly-  Hailing from California, discovered his passion for sports at a young age. Initially, Tristan excelled on the basketball court, showcasing his remarkable talent and dedication. However, it was volleyball that truly captured his heart. Transitioning to volleyball during his high school years, he quickly became a standout player, competing at the club level and earning accolades for his performance which then earned him a spot on the St. Francis University’s Mens Volleyball team.  Tristan is extremely knowledgeable about the game of volleyball and looks forward to being able to pass that on to his players.  

His journey from the sunny courts of California to the competitive arenas of college volleyball highlights his versatility, resilience, and unwavering commitment to his sport. 

Haley Sterling-  This will be Haley’s first year coaching for Ignite, but don’t let that fool you.  Haley has been passionately involved in volleyball since the age of 8. Growing up in Spokane, she played club volleyball throughout her youth and high school years, honing her skills and developing a deep love for the sport. As a standout player for East Valley High School, she continued her athletic journey and played at Central Washington University.

Currently, Haley plays in the women’s recreational league in Post Falls and eagerly participates in the annual Spike and Dig tournament. Her commitment to volleyball is unwavering, as she takes every opportunity to play pick-up games whenever possible, staying active and connected to the sport she loves.